Spain offers an array of different game species in combination with impressive and varied landscapes along with delicious gastronomy, high quality accomodation, affordable prices along with natural charming manners of local population that makes foreign hunters immediately feel enchanted with their gaming adventure here.


Scattered through all territory of Iberian peninsula, Spain features an impressive web of around 30 regional public hunting parks plus some other hunting territories, both of public and private management, where strict control and development of hunt allows control and development of wildlife.


Our task is to offer foreign hunters a selection of what we consider most interesting and unique Spain has to offer in terms of hunting experience in both, public through game reserves and private areas we manage, taking care of documents like permits, hunting licences, insurances, attending our hunters from their arrival to local airport until departure and subsequent trophies shipment.

Hunting calendar


Commonly unknown between foreign hunters, interior mountains at province of Valencia puts up one the most ancient Ibex population in Spain, represented with hunting scenes at the paleolithic paintings of “Cueva de la Araña”, in Bicorp municipality, cave also known because it includes the world´s first human representation of apiculture.
“Muela de Cortes” national hunting park, established in 1973, helped to preserve through hunting management what once was a very small and dispersed population of Capra Pyrenaica, becoming today a solid population of thousands of animals, making interior of Valencia province a valuable hunting destination in a wild and deserted natural area at only 1 hour from Valencia or 2 from Madrid.
Mouflon was also introduced with the creation of Muela de Cortes, A very succesful introduction, with an excellent average quality of trophies and great genetic, best between open areas in Spain, making Valencia the best place for natural and wild mouflon hunting.
Also a very interesting feature for foreign hunters is the fact that, because Isolation of Valencia mountains and natural environment that incudes Ibex population, made species develop its own horn shape, more similar to Gredos, Cazorla or Ronda Ibex.
Commonly put into the some way artificially considered subspecies of Beceite Ibex just because geographical vicinity, Valencia Ibex is more similar to “Gredos” and “Ronda”, making Valencia Ibex one of the most beautiful hunting animals of Spain, and because it is a relatively unknown area, we keep prices way below other Ibex areas.
Our 7.000 hectareas open range hunting area bordering “Muela de Cortes” offers both Ibex and mouflon stalk hunting with really affordable prices in a peaceful and wild environment afar from more populated and common Spanish hunting areas that will surprise hunters around the world.


For all those who wants this specific Ibex type, can enjoy stalking with us in the heat period of November and December at our huting grounds in Teruel and Castellón province, only one hour by car from Valencia


Principado de Asturias includes a vast extension of public hunting areas managed by Asturias Government, offering a bunch of hunting permits specifically dedicated to foreign hunters with the idea of promoting tourism and hunting with affordable prices in a typical public hunting parks manner.
Because licences are specially released for foreign hunters, quality of trophies is superb. Chances to hunt big Red Stag, Cantabrian Chamois or Fallow Deer at a 3 days permits for each animal at an environment more similar to Northern Europe forests plus the high and wild mountains of Cantabrian Mountain Range.
Hunter will be delighted with wonderful landscapes, attended by professional public guards in one of the most beautiful regions in Spain. A natural paradise at your disposal where you will enjoy red deer rut at 2,000 meters of height into the mountains or could find fallow deers at higher altitudes than usual with the Cantabrian Sea as a landscape.
Our task is to manage that kind of permits following hunters desires, fitting in hunting calendar interceding with Asturias Government , releasing hunting licences and taking care of hunters, from their arrival at Madrid or other Northern airports until departure.


Similar in terms to Asturias hunting, some Spanish public Hunting Parks release some permits annually. We are dedicated to manage those permits to all who wishes to go hunting in the best areas of Spain. We offer a selection of the best Spainsh public hunting areas has to offer.
Pyrenean Chamois, Southern and Gredos Ibex, Red Stags, Roe Bucks… just contact us and you will be provided with all info about how to get your prefered animal at best prices. We will be there at any moment and taking care of all your needs.


Roe bucks quality in Spain have arisen in the last few years spectacularly, becoming the best country in Europe speaking about this aloof animal.


We have two main areas for roe buck hunting in Spain, both different trying to fulfill your needs about quality, areas and type of hunting:
We have an area at the best territory for roe buck hunting in Spain, at 2 hours driving from Valencia or Madrid. Hunters will be attended directly by the owner of rights for hunting there and close friend of us where we try to hunt the biggest roebuck posible at April, just when season is open.

Also, our area in the Basque Country offers a different experience for roe bucks, with animals of medium quality, affordable prices and a gorgeous natural environment, charming country houses, wonderful gastronomy and excellent manners with local guard and people.


Sometimes forgotten as a hunting animal in Spain. Population of wolf has arisen tremendously in the last years, and is becoming a serious problem between local people. Administration doesn’t help banningwolf hunting at the South of Duero river and also at some regions at the North of aforementioned river.
We have some wolf permits in Castilla y León region with one of the best guards that you could consider for that difficult and exhausting hunting. High chances are that you could get your wolf meanwhile at other countries could become a fruitless task.
Because the extended wolf hunting calendar, you could combine this with another animal in your trip to Spain.


We have one of the few open range areas authorized by Balearean Government for hunting of pure specimens of Balearean Goat. Our friend in Mallorca, owner of the land, will attend you in all your needs and will be your guide.
This is a hunt you could combine with some relaxing free days in Spring or Summer enjoying the beaches and all the wonders of the island of Mallorca.


Inclusion of this peculiar animal into Iberian wildlife in the seventies was succesful. To the extent of almost causing extinction in the hunting park of Sierra Espuña, where originally was brought from Mountains of Atlas, Morocco, due to conflicts with farmers that regional government tried to solve wiping out full population.
Fortunately, Southeastern semi-arid Spanish climate is the ideal environment for Barbary Sheep. This way, when Murcian government decided so drastic measure, animals were spread following mountain ranges outside the limits fo Sierra Espuña.
Halfway Valencia and Alicante, facing Mediterranean Sea, lies our Barbary Sheep hunting ground. A hard one, must say: skinny mountains, palm trees, limestones and deep cliffs demands fitting hunters for a tough but rewarding stalking.


Given how unpredictable –individually speaking- traditional Spanish monteria is, we only hold the better areas we can get yearly. Our objective is always quality over quantity, so expect no more than one monteria by season. Always at states worth our truth, including straightforward contact with reliable owners and as close as possible to our office trying to get best results. We don’t manage monterias at unknown areas.

We could hold monterias for foreign hunters group, or individual hunters can sign up for our group of friends that come year after year. More a friendly reunion than a massive crowd of unknown hunters.


Halfway Valencia and Madrid, in the middle of Castilian meseta, lies our hunting area. 3,000 hectares in a fantastic environment where you can perform this traditional small game mode. A fully dedicated open range state with all the needed infrastructure trying to obtain best results in partridge and rabbit hunting.

A team of professionals composed by nursery, secretaries, scouts and chargers are responsible for making each ojeo unique. Very brave partridge bars entering the stalls will challenge hunters to pick them up as many as possible. Also services of rabbit hunting with dog and partridge birdcall hunting is provided.

We can manage groups from 4 up to 12 hunters with a minimum of 400 partridges booked. State offers a full accomodation service including cooking, rooms and partridge plucking.